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                ACCREDITATION NO: 11513
                FACILITIES: Public Testing Service

Radiographic interpretation applicable to the following

Welded joints


Components, composite products and assemblies

Reinforcing in conveyor belts, hoses and other specified rubber products

Radiographic thickness testing

Wall thickness measurement and profile radiography

Radiographic imaging capability Film

Ultrasonic examination of materials

Ultrasonic A-Scan capability, potential testing applications listed below 

Welded ferritic steel joints All types

Cast steel and iron product

Rolled or wrought steel product


Ultrasonic thickness testing

Material thickness - spot or grid measurements only

Material profiling including assessment and characterisation of material loss

Magnetic particle testing

Magnetic flow method - AC magnetization

Penetrant testing

Water washable method

Solvent removable method

Visual assessment of materials, prior to initial service

Rolled product

Welded joints



Pipes, hoses, valves and fittings

Hydrostatic pressure tests

Tests to AS 4037 and AS 4041 in the range 200 to 8000 kPa

Cylinders and other pressure vessels

Hydrostatic pressure tests

Tests to AS 1210 and AS 4037 in the range 200 to 8000 kPa

Microstructural tests on ferrous materials

Macroscopic examination of steels

Macroscopic examination of welds and welded test specimens to AS 2205.5.1 and similar standards

               ACCREDITATION NO: 11634
               FACILITIES: Type C Inspection Body


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NATA Accredited Laboratory ISO/IEC 17025 &
NATA Accredited Inspection Body ISO/IEC 17020


Non-Destructing Testing, Inspections, Expediting, Ultrasonic, Radiography, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Material Thickness, Material Hardness, Videoscopic, Porosity Testing, Noise Level Maintaining, Pressure vessel, Fabrication Inspection, In-service Inspection, Lifting Inspection, Lifted Inspection, Mobile Equipment Inspection, Fixed Plant Inspection, Visual Inspection, Hydrostatic Inspection, Water Tube Boiler, Pressure Equipment, Pressure Vessels, Macro Etching, Weld Joint Hardness Testing, AS3978, AS1171, AS1554.1, AS1554.4, AS1554.5, AS1554.6, AS3788, AS1210, AS4343, AS4457.1, AS1418, AS4100, AS2205.5.1, Ball Studs, Boom Chord, Swing Shaft, AS1716, Nata Accredited, Aindt Authorised, Macro Ferrous Metals, Fittings